Test automation that just works

A single standard mechanism to plan tests, execute them, and publish their results that can be used standalone or integrated in a CI/CD pipeline

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OpenTestFactory allows developers of application code, QA specialists, and operation teams to write their own tests without binding to any testing frameworks or vendor. Every stakeholder can write and maintain their tests using tools and frameworks they are already familiar with, and other stakeholders can cherry pick the test cases they are interested in their contexts.

OpenTestFactory offers the following standardizations:

  • Standardized test orchestration: APIs to allow for test case selection and execution, that can be used in test management solutions or in existing CI/CD pipelines
  • Standardized test execution: APIs to aid in the integration of testing frameworks, from parameter passing to test case execution.
  • Standardized test result publication: APIs to aid in the collection of test results.
  • Standardized quality gate: specification of the precise results formats as they head towards quality gate vendors.


OpenTestFactory is an open source project. You can extend it if, currently, it does not fulfill your needs. You are welcome to contribute these enhancements to the project. How to contribute details how to do so.