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Orchestrator Reference Implementation

Automate, customize, and execute your testing workflows right in your repository with the OpenTestFactory orchestrator. You can discover, create, and share plugins to perform any job you’d like, and combine plugins in a completely customized workflow.

Quickstart Reference guides

Getting started

About OpenTestFactory orchestrator

The orchestrator enables you to create custom software development life cycle (SDLC) workflows directly in your source code repository.

About OpenTestFactory orchestrator plugins

Generators and providers plugins are individual tasks that you can combine to create jobs and customize your workflow. You can create your own generators and providers plugins or use and customize plugins shared by the OpenTestFactory community.


The OpenTestFactory orchestrator is a set of services running together. They may or may not run on the same machine, and they may or may not be started at the same time.

Workflow syntax

A workflow is a configurable automated process made up of one or more jobs. You must create a YAML file to define your workflow configuration.


You can access context information and evaluate expressions in workflows and plugins.

Hooks for jobs and providers

Hooks define steps that run before and/or after a specific event occurs.