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A plugin typically consumes events and may produce events on its own. It may also produce notifications, which are events that may be consumed by other services that only carry informational elements.


Notification events are JSON documents with the following four entries:

  • apiVersion: a string,
  • kind: a string, Notification.
  • metadata: an object with at least a name entry. It may contain other entries.
  • spec: an object with any number of entries.

Normalized notifications

Some notifications are standardized. Your plugins may produce them, but they then should respect their semantics, as other services may consume them and have some associated expectations.


A plugin or service may declare an interest on a given workflow. To do so, it must include a workflow_id entry in the notification metadata, as well as a spec.worker.worker_id entry and a spec.worker.status entry.

The worker_id is generated by the plugin. It must be a string.

The expectation associated with this normalized notification is that the workflow_id is valid and that for a given worker_id there will be a status: setup notification and a status: teardown notification.

    "apiVersion": "",
    "kind": "Notification",
    "metadata": {
        "name": "Report processor",
        "workflow_id": "..."
    "spec": {
        "worker": {
            "worker_id": "...",
            "status": "setup"

Non-normalized notifications

A plugin (or a set of plugins) may decide to provide their own notifications. The notification schema is extendable and plugins may add their own entries under the spec section.

Those entry names must include a dot (.) but may not start with opentestfactory. or org.opentestfactory.

Here are some examples of valid and invalid entry names:

myentry                        invalid (does not contain a dot)
.myentry                       valid
com.example.notif              valid
org.opentestfactory.notif      invalid (starts with a reserved string)

The values associated with those non-normalized entries can be any valid JSON values.