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Stopping the orchestrator

When the OpenTestFactory orchestrator is instantiated on demand, some tasks may still be running after the workflow has completed.

If the orchestrator service is stopped before the end of those pending tasks, some reports may end in an inconsistent state.

This tool waits until the orchestrator service idles. It can safely be stopped when idle.


This tool can be used to query the status of the orchestrator.

usage: opentf-done [-h] [--timeout TIMEOUT] [--polling_delay POLLING_DELAY] --host HOST [--port PORT] --token TOKEN

OpenTestFactory Orchestrator availability checker

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --host HOST           target host with protocol (e.g., https://example.local)
  --token TOKEN         token
  --port PORT           target port (default to 7775)
  --polling_delay POLLING_DELAY
                        polling delay in seconds (default to 5)
  --timeout TIMEOUT     verification timeout in seconds (default to 3600)

It returns an error code 0 if the orchestrator is idle.

It returns an error code 1 if the timeout verification delay expires. Pending tasks are still running.

It returns an error code 2 if a technical error occurred while checking the orchestrator status.


In the following example, the OpenTestFactory orchestrator is deployed using docker-compose.

docker-compose up -d
opentf-done --host http://localhost --token $TOKEN
docker-compose down