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Label and field selectors

Most opentf-ctl commands output structured data. By default, the output shows all available elements.

You can use the --selector and --field-selector command line options to filter the output to only show the elements matching the specified selectors.

Logical operators supported in selector conditions are =, !=, in and notin. Multiple conditions may be provided, separated by commas (,). The conditions are linked by a logical AND operator. For instance, this request will return only the channels that have the linux tag and are not idle:

opentf-ctl get channels --field-selector="(linux) in spec.tags,status.phase!=IDLE"

You can use --selector and --field-selector options together. The conditions will be linked by a logical AND operator.

Here are the possible selector formats:

key                                # the key or label exists
!key                               # the key or label does not exist
key==value                         # the key exists and has the specified value
key!=value                         # the key exists but has a different value
                                   # or the key does not exist
key in (value1, value2, ...)       # the key exists and its value is in the list
key notin (value1, value2, ...)    # the key exists and has a value not in the
                                   # list or the key does not exist
(value1, value2) in key            # the key contains all values (and possibly
                                   # others)
(value1, value2) notin key         # the key does not contains all the values
                                   # (but it may contain some) or the key does
                                   # not exist

For label selectors, the key is the label’s name. It may contain dots. For field selectors, the key is a series of field names separated by dots. The last field name may be surrounded by [ and ] to allow for dots in the field name.

Here are examples of fieldSelector keys:


[apiVersion]                                    # Invalid
spec[selector][matchLabels][]  # Invalid


You cannot use the [] notation for labelSelector.