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Learn OpenTestFactory Orchestrator

Whether you are new to the OpenTestFactory orchestrator or interested in learning all it has to offer, this guide will help you use the orchestrator to accelerate your testing workflows.

Introduction to OpenTestFactory Orchestrator

Learn about the core concepts and various components of the OpenTestFactory Orchestrator, and see an example that shows you how to add testing automation to your repository.

Finding and customizing plugins

Plugins provide the building blocks that power your workflows. A workflow can use functions and generators provided by plugins created by the community, or you can create your own functions and generators. This guide will show you how to discover, use, and customize functions and generators.

Essential features of OpenTestFactory Orchestrator

The OpenTestFactory orchestrator is designed to help you build robust and dynamic automations. This guide will show you how to craft workflows that include environment variables, customized scripts, and more.

Managing complex workflows


Sharing workflows with your organization


Security hardening for OpenTestFactory Orchestrator