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Channel plugins are plugins that handle communication with execution environments.

They process ExecutionCommand events and produce ExecutionResult events.


An endpoint is an exposed API entry point. It is a URL with an associated HTTP verb. The following example describes two endpoints (they are distinct, even if they share the same URL):



An event broker. It receives subscriptions and publications, and dispatches the publications to interested subscribers.

elementary command

An elementary command is a command an execution environment can run.

ls -al or dir /A are examples of elementary commands.

execution environment

An execution environment is where the elementary commands are executed. It can be a container, a VM, or a physical server.

An execution environment may be tied to a set of namespaces.


A function is a step item that is converted to a series of steps by provider plugins.

They are used to ease the creation of workflows.


Generator plugins are plugins that handle communication with test managers.

They process GeneratorCommand events and produce GeneratorResult events.


A job is either a call to a generator or a sequence of steps. It may depend on other jobs, in which case it will run after their completion.


A namespace is a way to group resources. A workflow belongs to one and only one namespace (default if none is specified), and can only use or access resources that are part of this namespace, available to this namespace, or available to all namespaces.


Provider plugins are plugins that handle functions.

They process ProviderCommand events and produce ProviderResult events.


A publication is a message that is sent to the EventBus. Services that have a subscription that matches the publication will receive a copy of this publication.


Publisher plugins are plugins that handle results and attachments generated by execution environments.

They process ExecutionResult events.


A step is either an elementary command, ready to be sent to an execution environment or a function.


A subscription is a message sent to the EventBus by a service that describes the publications the service is interested in.


A workflow is a collection of jobs.