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Providers are plugins that provide sets of functions to interact with a specific service or tool.

A function is something you can call from a workflow that will perform an operation on the service or tool it is designed for.

For example:

- name: "Checkout code"
  uses: "actions/checkout@v2"
    repository: ""
    ref: "main"

A provider transforms this function in a series of steps that will be executed by the execution environment.

For example:

- run: |
    git clone
    git checkout main

The OpenTestFactory orchestrator includes a set of providers for common services and tools, and you can write your own provider to extend the list of supported services and tools.

Writing your own provider.

  • Actions

    A set of common functions (git checkout, platform-independent file management operations, …)

    Getting started

Testing framework providers

A set of providers for use by generator plugins, that can also be used in your own workflows to run test suites from multiple testing frameworks.

They provide a pair of functions, execute and params, that are normalized and used by generators, and at least one specific function that you can use to run a test suite.

  • Cucumber JVM

    A testing tool supporting behavior-driven development (BDD). Embeds an ordinary language parser called Gherkin.

    Getting started

  • Cypress

    A JavaScript end to end testing framework.

    Getting started

  • JUnit

    A programmer-friendly testing framework for Java and the JVM.

    Getting started

  • Playwright

    Playwright enables reliable end-to-end testing for modern web apps.

    Getting started

  • Postman

    An automated testing tool for REST APIs.

    Getting started

  • Robot Framework

    A generic open source automation framework for acceptance testing, ATDD, and RPA.

    Getting started

  • Squash Keyword Framework (SKF)

    A keyword oriented test automation framework. Includes a DSL for writing automated tests scripts.

    Getting started

  • SoapUI

    An automated testing tool for SOAP and REST APIs.

    Getting started